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About Us

Family owned and Operated since 1995.

About The Company 

   Over the years, the technology of auto body repair has changed dramatically. The specialized knowledge required to make these repairs has also evolved. Golden Bros has kept pace with this evolution, to insure a quality repair and keep peace in mind that the job will be done right. 


    Year after year, we continue to provide all of our valued customers the best services in all aspects of the repair process . In doing business, our goal here is to attain the total satisfaction of our valued customers.


   As a Golden Bros customer, you'll be completely content with your vehicle repair. it's a guarantee and our guarantee on our workmanship is backed up with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle​.   

Insurance Repair Process 

1 : Accident


  • Exchange insurance information 

  • Police Report 

  • Call insurance to file a claim

  • Tow If needed 


2: Estimate

  •  Receive an estimate (keep in mind preliminary estimates are   written based on the damages that can  only be seen)

  • If you decide to continue with the repairs we will further assist you during your visit

  • Get set up with a rental car if needed

  • Complete estimate of repairs will be   provided after repairs start or upon   delivery 


3: Insurance Agreement

  • Insurance company needs to review

  • Claim coverage if not yet attained 

  • Insurance reviews further damages to your vehicle 

  • If virtual inspection of additional repairs   are not come to an agreement an onsite   adjuster will be scheduled to inspect   damages in person  

  • If insurance dose not agree with the required repairs to your vehicle you will be notified if you want to follow up with them for short pay of the Claim.


4: Disassembly 

  • Disassemble the vehicle and determine if there is any hidden damage

  • If hidden damage is found Insurance  company will be notified to reevaluate the estimate 

  • If nothing is found original estimate repair plan will be  followed

5: Vehicle Repair 

  • Replace damaged parts

  • Repair damaged areas

  • Vehicle alignment if needed

  • Mechanical work if needed


6: Vehicle Paint 

  • Prime and block to smooth out body work 

  • Prep the damaged areas for Paint

  • Paint in Spray Booth 



7: Detailing 

  • Detail and Polish

  • Color Sand and Buff 

8: Reassembly 

  • Reassemble the Vehicle 

  • Inspect to make sure previous damaged areas are all in factory working condition 

9: Completed 

  • Final wash and inspection

  • Pick up Vehicle 

  • Life Time Workmanship Warranty (as long as you own your Vehicle)   ask for details.

Lifetime Warranty 


     Our lifetime warranty covers our repairs done to your vehicle for as long as you own it. This includes all of our craftsmanship from paint to body work. (Limited parts warranty from manufacturer.)




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